When the back scenery takes the scene back –
a clay animation

Media: Animated video, installation with clay and sprouts. Galerie Oehl-Früh, Hamburg, 2011.

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Galerie Oehl-Früh in Hamburg is situated close to the harbour and in the video a lump of clay comes
out from the water and moves on the quay towards the gallery.
Well inside it moves up the stairs and ends up at a white box where it freezes in a mountain-like pose. After a while it starts growing sprouts on the mountain. At the exhibition the gallery visitors could see both the film and the sculpture of clay with the growing sprouts. From the window of the gallery it was possible to look out over the harbour and see the stairs from where the clay started its travel. Inside the gallery the traces from the moving clay was visible on the floor. 3 4
When making the film I was fascinated with the
tide that emptied the harbour from water once a day revealing a lot of clay at the bottom. I wanted to
work with the clay as a site-specific sustainable material and create an awareness of the natural
phenomenon in the area. The work with the animated film creates a strong sense of presence, similar to when sitting outside making a drawing out in nature. It is a way of drawing directly with nature.
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