Path - (Changing places)

Year: 2008. Media: Casted plaster. Size: ca 240 x 30 cm. A work for the Swedish/Mongolian exhibition Uppbrottets hembygd at the open-air museum Murberget in Härnösand 2008.

Path - (Changing places) is a casting in plaster of one of the many stony paths that leads in between the old houses of the open-air museum. The path is intemately connected to and formed by its environment. Here it is taken out of its context and preserved in one of the rooms at the Åvike Mansion in the museum area.

In the exhibition Uppbrottets hembygd the work forms a link to the nomadic tradition in Mongolia and to the aim of the open-air museum, to preserve and reinact a way of living that is gone/on its way to vanish. The nomads still spends much of their time on paths moving in between pastureland. Today cars are encroaching at more and more places and the paths are rebuilt into roads. The increasing speed in the movement of people and goods creates new needs and changes an entire way of living.