Places to seek shelter

Year: 2005. Media: Rubber foam, wood, aluminium, plastic, steelwire. Size: 10 - 300 cm. Part of installation at the Master exhibition, Konstfack 2005.

” The sadness and sternness of the northern world appealed to something very deep in his nature. But he had never lived in northern lands, nor did he feel the urge to travel north-ward and confront his personal vision with sensuous experience. He had become infatuated with a landscape through literary and musical means such as illustrations to stories from Wagner and records of ”The Ring”. *

In the description of CS Lewis fascination for northern landscapes, his longing becoms so strong that it blocks out reality. The real place is no longer interesting and instead he seeks a fantasy picture influenced by literature and romantic paintings. The longing to the wild nature is more about a longing to a condition of mind than to a place.

The work Places to seek shelter is about the gap between fantasies/dreams and reality/the outer world. It shows a model of a landscape made up by the mind in dreams. The installation consists of fragmentary signs for landscapes, with shifting perspectives and evidently shown materials. The illusion of a landscape is partly created in the mind of the beholder




*Gardner, Helen (1965), Clive Staples Lewis, Proceedings of the British Academy, vol. 51, s. 421


Places to seek shelter

Tillkomstår: 2005. Media: Video projection on foam rubber . Video loop 5 min. Size: H 50 cm, L 70 cm, B 45 cm. Part of installation. Photo from Pultusk School of Humanities, Pultusk, Poland 2006.

Video filmed in the south of Iceland 2004. Projected on rubber foam sawn in the shape of a mountain. The camera sweaps over a deserted landscape of mountains and a sea with floating ice bergs. The rubber foam shadows a part of the projection and creates a sillhouette in the shape of a mountain on the wall.