Clay + fire = bricks
Sketch for public work at Temmelburken pre-school in Stockholm. The work will be installed in April 2012.

The sketch consist of two different art works in the school yard. Fire, smoke and bricks are the connecting links in the works. In the place of the pre-school there used to be an old brickworks at the beginning of the last century.

The first work is placed at the entrance of the school yard. It consist of a chimney made of bricks and smoke clouds made of steel with bricks mounted inside. The smoke clouds indicate of the earlier activities on the place and gives a preview of the other artwork in the school yard. The second art work is placed at the opposite gable of the building. It consists of a small house made of concrete, that is a model of a house placed in India.
Intacts friends is a Swedish/Indian organization that works with mentally challenged children in south India. Their brick project has financed buildings in where the children live and people support the building by buying brick stones. In my artwork I will buy 100 brick stones in the brick project, as many as the 100 children in the pre-school Temmelburken. In that way the children in the pre-school will participate in the building in India. The work creates a connection to another place and to another social reality. The children will also get a physical connection with the model of the house in India that will be placed on the school yard. Inside the pre-school the project will be presented with text and a photo of the real house in India, and in that way the children in the pre-school can see that their house exists both on the schoolyard and in India.

More information and pictures will come when the works are ready and installed.