The house - (Changing places)

Year: 2008. Media: Photo, plexiglass, wood, cardboard, acrylic, necklace, wooden table. Size: photo 20x30 cm, house model 15x45 cm. Photo from the exhibition Nomad by heart – Contemporary art from Mongolia and Sweden at Bildmuseet, Umeå, 2008.

The house - (Changing places) is about the relation to the place one grew up in or spend much time at as little. In the work it is represented by the red summer house of the family, build by the grand parents in the 50's. Despite the place is seldom visited anymore, it has taken a central role in life and appears frequently in dreams and as a background to thoughts. The memory pictures works as a base to always return to in the mind to keep a connection to the past. At the same time it is impossible to get away from the pictures of the past.

The model of the house is put on display as an accessoary, somthing to carry along and that sticks for the rest of the life. As for a nomad who carries their home along, the house is always the same while the surroundings and the rest of life is changing.