Trees and grass should be a frame and in the middle a human sits on a blanket. 88

Year: 2009. Media: site-specific work, plexiglass signs put up on a stair. Size: varied

The work consist of signs with short texts put up on a 194 steps long wooden stair on a mountain in the city of Örnsköldsvik. The texts are 88 different quotes from books, films, magazines and the artists own texts. The quotes show different views upon man’s relationship to nature and the many ambiguous and contradictory thoughts there are about the subject.

In the work the quotes work as an opening to the underlying contexts and stories that exists about nature, but that is not visible in the place itself. The viewer reads thoughts and references to the experience of nature, the place and the walking up the stairs, that they are right in the middle of. As in a pilgrimage, the walk up the stairs and the landscape one moves in, works as a way towards insight and deeper knowledge.